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1. What goods can I send via [Shop Express]?

[Shop Express] is an International logistics service, most of the products you buy in shop can be sent to home in China via [Shop Express] service, except the national embargoed goods. 

2.  Why do I have to use [Shop Express Courier Bag] ?

For your own convenience, when you use our service, our system will scan and calculate your postage based on the sizes of the courier bag. As long as your goods are fit into any sizes of our courier bag, and the bag can be sealed and close completely, then you can enjoy our service. Therefore, when you use our service, you must use our [Shop Express Courier Bag] . At the same time, the bag can not be opened after being sealed. Otherwise, the courier bag with the damaged opening will be seen as invalid. If the goods is packed with other materials, [Shop Express] will not deliver your bag in order to protect our customer, you need to retrieve the goods in the bag. If the goods are unclaimed within 3 months, we will handle your goods without any compensation. (*3 months start from the date you placed an order)

3. How many days will it take for a delivery from Hong Kong?

Deliver to China: Since [Shop Express] is a national postal service from China and also part of International logistic services. It will take about 7 to 14 working days for cross-border clearance before it arrives China.

4. How to calculate the additional charges (tax and other service fee) when I send my product via [Shop Express] ?

The customer must show their proof of the retail price (that is invoice or sales receipt), together with the goods and waybill form (if any) into [Shop Express courier bag]. If the customer cannot provide any proof of their selling prices, the Company will estimate the relevant tax and service fee based on the official retail price from the current market. Tax and service fee are added from 10% of the total value of the retail prices. 

5. How to track the courier I have posted ?

[Shop Express] offers a dedicated inquiry system for customers to check their courier status. Customers can join our courier inquiry system by input the tracking numbers on WeChat account. And they can also check the relevant information via [Shop Express] WeChat customer service.

6. Can I add insurance to cover my courier?

[Shop Express] offers insurance cover for any courier and it is optional. Customers can add "insurance" on the app when they place their orders on mobile. The fee will be 5% of the total retail value of the goods, and the maximum compensation is up to HK$20,000. 

7. Can I send infant milk formula via [Shop Express] ?

[Shop Express] cannot send any less than 36 months infant formula.