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About Us

Why we need [Shop Express] in Europe ?

Shop Express Logistic Flow

Professional logistics services / Simplify customs declaration procedures

Step 1

Every day, our
Logistic Crew will collect parcels from various spots 

Step 2

The Transit Warehouses of {Shop Express} will categorize the goods and parcels 

Step 3

The parcel or goods will be declared at the customs 

Step 4

Customers will complete their tax payment on WeChat

Step 5

Crossed boarder custom clearance 

Step 6

Parcels will be arrived at customer’s door 

Drop Point

Shop Express will setting self-service drop points at more than 1000 spots all over Europe, which allows the tourists to send their goods back to China right after they buy in the shops. Under the authorization of China Post and its comprehensive set of cross-border logistic services including handling tax payment for tourists, they can shop and post as they want.
(For more details in prices, please read the following:)


When you use the serive, you MUST ask for a [Shop Express courier bag] at the cashier. The shop will offer FOUR sizes of courier bags, details as follow:

S Bag | 30cm H X 25 cm W
Max weight 2kg
HK$258 | Unlimited

M Bag |  50cm H x 33 cm W
Max weight 5kg
HK$378  | Unlimited

XL Bag | 65cm H x 50 cm W
Max weight 7kg
HK$468 | Unlimited

XXL Bag | 65cm H x 70 cm W
Max weight 7kg
HK$638 | Unlimited

*For details, please contact the merchant or the customer service in the shop.


In 2010, General Administration of Customs regulated the Customs clearance for Personal Use. [ When personal shopping goods exceeds the exempted quantities, China Customs has a right to charge a panelized fine or even confiscate the goods] which cause incalculable cost and risk of uncertainty.

So [Shop Express] can minimise the confiscation rate with tax payment handling and only 16% of the retail price of goods will be charged for Tax and Service fees. 

*Remark: Customers must pay the tax and service fee when they completed their order on their mobiles. so [Shop Express] can pay the relevant fee for handling.