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About Us

Why we need [Shop Express] in Europe ?

Shop Express Logistic Flow

Professional logistics services / Simplify customs declaration procedures

Step 1

Every day, our
Logistic Crew will collect parcels from various spots 

Step 2

The Transit Warehouses of {Shop Express} will categorize the goods and parcels 

Step 3

The parcel or goods will be declared at the customs 

Step 4

Customers will complete their tax payment on WeChat

Step 5

Crossed boarder custom clearance 

Step 6

Parcels will be arrived at customer’s door 

Reward Point

As long as you spend over a certain amount in a shop, you will be rewarded with the service of free shipment to China. The shop you are buying must join our [Shop Express] “Reward Point” service program. When using the service, the sender must provide the passport number outside European countries for goods export clearance purposes.

*The service for [Reward Point] will be launched soon. For the charges about the service enquiry please contact us on


Prices for Reward Points: To be launched soon


In 2010, General Administration of Customs regulated the Customs clearance for Personal Use. [ When personal shopping goods exceeds the exempted quantities, China Customs has a right to charge a panelized fine or even confiscate the goods] which cause incalculable cost and risk of uncertainty.

So [Shop Express] can minimise the confiscation rate with tax payment handling and only 16% of the retail price of goods will be charged for Tax and Service fees. 

*Remark: Customers must pay the tax and service fee when they completed their order on their mobiles. so [Shop Express] can pay the relevant fee for handling.