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Drop Point

Shop Express will setting self-service drop points at more than 1000 spots all over Europe, which allows the tourists to send their goods back to China right after they buy in the shops. Under the authorization of China Post and its comprehensive set of cross-border logistic services including handling tax payment for tourists, they can shop and post as they want.
(For more details in prices, please read the following:)


 HK$ 258

Height 30cm X Width 25cm
weight up to 2KG
No. of goods:Unlimited


 HK$ 378

Height 50cm X Width 33cm
weight up to 5KG
No. of goods:Unlimited


 HK$ 468

Height 65cm X Width 50cm
weight up to 7KG
No. of goods:Unlimited


 HK$ 638

Height 65cm X Width 70cm
weight up to 7KG
No. of goods:Unlimited

Reward Point

As long as you spend over a certain amount in a shop, you will be rewarded with the service of free shipment to China. The shop you are buying must join our [Shop Express] “Reward Point” service program. When using the service, the sender must provide the passport number outside European countries for goods export clearance purposes.

*The service for [Reward Point] will be launched soon. For the charges about the service enquiry please contact us on

*All the bag models and service we provided are responding to the merchant's request based on their product category and location. For more details, please contact either the merchant or our customer service, hotline: +39 345 159 7110